Completed: Shooting Script for the Huntsmen Season 1 Finale

Just finished creating the shooting version of the Huntsmen Season 1 Finale Part 2 screenplay. In this case, I added types of shots as well as camera movement instructions to the screenplay written by Gerald Hill, the director and writer of his supernatural drama show (he also plays the lead character). As already said in the past, I’m the director of photography for the show.

Visualizing Story = Easy; Deciding How to Show It Easy

For me, it’s easy to envision the scenes, but not necessarily so when deciding on which angle, which framing size, and what sort of movement (if any) for each shot while keeping variety in mind (this part’s rather easy as it usually takes care of itself). It’s almost hard to believe that creating the shooting version means doubling the page count in the end like I’ve seen with a couple of screenplays I’ve worked on so far.

I also suspected that I would have a greater challenge with making shooting versions of other people’s screenplays when compared to writing my own, which turned out to be the case. It mostly has to do with not being sure what they mean or needing to ask for a small detail before I can proceed to creating a particular shot that best conveys the information and/or emotion like how the writer intends. But sometimes, I do add and make slight changes (mostly the sequence of what happens) if I come up with a unique shot that would have a greater impact after such changes; the writers I work with usually like the changes and go with them, but not always.

Inventing the +Reaction Formatting Method

Because we’re doing a single-camera set-up, not a multicam set-up, I also ended up devising (because I couldn’t find any concrete guideline about it online) a handy way to include reaction shots (where at least one character nonverbally reacts to a different character who is speaking) as well as additional instructions within shots without breaking the flow too much while still making sense. Make sense? I’ll expound on this +Reaction method later.

Why create shooting versions for parts 1 and 2 of the Huntsmen Season 1 Finale?

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The Geekdom Show - First Episode

For several years, I wished there was another filmmaker similar to me in the Toledo area. Now I gladly work with Gerald Hill in filmmaking (see Huntsmen) and more recently, videography. It’s easy to be on the same page when it comes to the technical aspects and creative expressions of filmmaking with in mind that both are geared towards the excellent execution of audiovisual storytelling, hence Gerald is the most skilled filmmaker I know and one I’m proud to know. Plus, our similar appreciation for things in The Geekdom goes a long way too. Heh. May our filmmaking endeavors continue to flourish.

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Scientists Use Inner Ear For Battery Power

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Now, this is nifty! Read the following parts of this article or click here for the complete article. I have more to say on this matter afterwards.

Researchers reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology that they have found a new way to help power an implantable electronic device in the ear, naturally.

The scientists said they have demonstrated for the first time that they could use the inner ear to help power implantable electronic devices without impairing hearing.

The inner ear in mammals is a chamber filled with ions that produces an electrical potential to drive neural signals.

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Huntsmen, Revolution, Supernatural

Summer’s over now. The chill of fall has rolled in. Time for some updates.

Huntsmen Update

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on the local webseries project, Huntsmen, here in Toledo, Ohio since early September. I first noticed Top of the Hill's campaign on because it is a local project. Because not only is Huntsmen local, but also because it is supernatural/fantasy-oriented, I contacted Gerald Hill, director/writer/actor, to find out if I could work on it; I am working on it as the DP (recently leveled up from Cinematographer to Director of Photography). Since the start, the production is going spectacularly because the team is outstanding; everyone has shown fantastic perseverance and camaraderie so far! I’ve been busy enough that I’ve been paying less attention to online social media, which is probably a good thing.

Facebook Commenting on My Websites

Speaking of online social media, I just coded in Facebook’s comments box plugin within my websites’ code, so Facebook users now can comment on posts I make on my websites! You can do so at the end of each post and I would greatly appreciate it if you would do so on this post to let me know if this commenting platform is worthwhile.

Is NBC’s “Revolution” Full of Win?

Yes, why? Because Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural (my all-time favorite TV show), created Revolution (he also hails from Toledo, Ohio!).
Because Kripke, J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, and Jon Favreau are Executive Producers.
And also because Russ Russo (I’m DP of his dark comedy feature film, Heat Wave, which is slated to begin principal photography when 2013 arrives) guest stars as a rebel hostage opposite Mark Pellegrino also guest starring as a militia officer in the 3rd episode, which you can watch right here!:

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Maumee Indoor Theater Shows Mowing Through Misery!

Local filmmaker, Steven Boatman, will have his 5-minute dark comedy short film, “Mowing Through Misery,” shown at the Maumee Indoor Theater starting Friday, September 14th prior to feature films showings such as “The Avengers” for a week and possibly longer.

Ty Szumigala, Executive Director of the Maumee Indoor Theater, said, “I want to let our customers see what an award-winning movie short looks like from a local film producer, writer, editor, and director.”

Even though my short film, “Mowing Through Misery,” will first play at 4:45PM prior to “The Avengers” TODAY (Friday, Sept. 14th), I will be watching the 7:00PM showing of “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2h20m). Will you join me? Ticket prices are $4.

Furthermore, I’m planning to hold a gathering after the feature showing with friends old and new around 10:00PM (so I can catch people at 9:45pm after “The Avengers”); it will not be at the theater. Any suggestions for a place within walking distance of the theater? One is Burger King.

Depending on what friends can do, I’m also planning to go to either the 4:00pm or 7:00pm showing of “The Avengers” on Saturday, September 15th. Which time is better for you on Saturday?

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Toledo Free Press online article about Maumee Indoor Theater and Mowing Through Misery:

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