The Indie Gathering 2012

Some of you may already know that Mowing Through Misery was not only officially selected, but was also awarded 3rd Place in the Drama category for Micro Films (no longer than 5 minutes) by The Indie Gathering Film Festival in Hudson, Ohio! This is their 16th year.

I will be attending The Indie Gathering this weekend where Mowing Through Misery will be screened on Sunday afternoon, but before that, I will be holding a demonstration/workshop of my self-built 8-foot long aluminum crane from 8:00PM to 8:30PM on Saturday night! I plan to record some footage of the workshop and upload it to YouTube for you guys.

Also, the following video is a recording of the Q&A that I did at the Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival that my father and I attended in Lima, Ohio, which was an excellent experience by the way. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,
Steven Boatman

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